Debt Collection Agency and Law Firm since 1995
1000 Customers
60.000 processed cases

Our professionalism and our experience guarantee a reduction in costs and increased productivity for our costumers.
We have a senior team who draw custom-made projects for every need, in order to achieve real benefits in a short time.
Our services:

  • Debt Collection and Legal Process Servers
  • Collection letters
  • Door step collection
  • Locating missing persons or costumers
  • Analysis of debtor's assets
  • Credit transfer
  • Certified Company Registration and Information ; Company Credit Score
  • Working practices beyond the age of credit
  • Our contracts do not expire


  • Credit analysis
  • Prior general information with civic records and tracking services
  • Processing times extra-judicial from 30 to 120 days
  • Working practices beyond the age of credit without any change on percentage of our fees
  • No offset between the recovered and our due
  • Any proposed repayment plans or balance write-off are previously agreed with our customer
  • The amount recovered and the debt securities are returned within the next 48 hours

Locating Missing

  • Our staff investigate to acquire information and news to find out new residence or domicile of the missed , their workplace and all that is useful for the debt collection purposes, to regain control of the business remained pending
  • We work with professionalism and discretion and privacy within the limits of current laws
    • REGES through his lawyers provides high legal advices at low cost

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